Amber Plastic Spray Bottle Pump, Refillable for Bathroom or Kitchen use - VINYL & LUXURY LABELS

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Customised Labels included in the price.

Label done in a permanent, waterproof, professional grade vinyl.

500ml Amber Plastic Bottles with Spray

Height 18.5cm

Diameter 7cm

Can purchase 1 bottle or set of 2 bottles.

Available in Vinyl and Luxury Labels.



Please note that these are not suitable for dishwasher. We recommend washing with warm soapy water, and please avoid scrubbing directly over the label to protect from damages. 


Please check all spelling on your product orders as they will be made exactly as written. 

ELEGANCE Font is only available in capital letters.

Brand names will NOT be accepted as labels. If brand names are given, we will change accordingly to what we see fit.