Where the Wild Worcestershire Sauce Bottles Are

 I opened my small apartment-sized pantry and stared despondently at the jumbled jungle of partially used packets bound in an assortment of rubber bands, clips and ziplock bags. I inhaled sharply then exhaled in a slow huff of exasperation and apathy. 

Somewhere in that cramped and chaotic space was the bottle of Worcestershire sauce I needed for the masterpiece I was crafting for dinner. I readied myself for battle then began to remove packets here and shift containers there, delving deeper past the concealed collection of canned baked beans and tinned tomatoes that grew ever more numerous with each grocery shop. 

Finally, after a moment of misled joy when I discovered a bottle of soy sauce, the telling gleam of tangerine caught my eye! As I reached in to retrieve the much needed condiment I saw that there were not one….not two…but three bottles of Worcestershire sauce. 


All of that faff for a few splashes of fermented fish and vinegar juice?? Three bottles of which were taking up precious space in my small kitchen! I thought to myself: “Surely there has to be a better way to do this.”

Sound familiar? 

Drawing upon the joy and delight that I feel when creating order from chaos I set aside time for myself and completely overhauled my kitchen using Hampshire Home Trends jars and labels, as well as some other containers that I sourced. I donated some unopened and in date extras to my local food bank and disposed of a plethora of expired hidden gems that I mined from the back of the cupboard.

Fast forward to the present day and my now gorgeously organised and tidy pantry where there is a place for everything and - best believe - everything is in its place!  I cannot begin to explain the deep satisfaction and calm that I feel when I open my pantry to find Worcestershire sauce and there it is: a singular bottle nestled snugly with its fellow liquid condiments in a box labelled “Sauces”. Phew!

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