'The kitchen is the heart of the home'

As the saying goes “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. It is often a communal place where meals are created for both sustenance and celebration; the source of edible joy from culinary masterpieces to midnight snacks. I was able to help this client transform their home space in order to bring functionality and flow.

The client was Liz and the Harris family, a Hampshire based family whose kitchen is very much the heart of their home. Liz uses her skills in the kitchen to love and nourish her family who is often chatting together seated at the adjacent dining table or small sofa which is nestled to the side of their open plan kitchen space. Liz is a connoisseur of fine foods and her stored foods include an array of imported Italian pastas, passatas and antipasti delicacies along with the full assortment of sauces and spices you’d look for in a British home. With her husband, two adult sons over 6’4” and the occasional extra guest, family dinners are an event. The pantry and fridge are always a stocked cornucopia of essentials and tasty extras but, in a tale familiar to the vast majority of people, they are often so well provisioned that it can be difficult to see what is in store. This leads to over shopping and waste that is impactful on both the budget and the environment.

Liz welcomed me into her home with the smell of a roast slowly sizzling in its juices in the oven. The well-loved family cat Biff perched on the kitchen sofa, lazily peering at us through half-closed eyes. Throughout my time there, the kitchen buzzed with life and I could see the importance of the space for the whole family as they moved in and out of the space to grab a snack as they eagerly awaited dinner.

After our virtual onboarding process I was able to understand Liz’s personal goals and vision for the space and prepare her products including jars, hanging baskets and labelled boxes. Liz’s interest piqued as I began to remove item after item from her pantry which turned out to be some sort of portal to Narnia - a space that would rival even Mary Poppins or Hermione Granger’s magical bottomless bags. As more and more mystery items were moved out Liz was able to take stock of what she had.

Eventually, 3 pantries were empty and ready for a spring clean and wipe down. Then came the fun part - refills! I decanted all of the dry foods into gorgeous glass jars then set to work sorting the cacophony of condiments gathered in a group on the kitchen side. With the sauces sorted and vinegars and oils organised in their respective boxes, the empty pantries then needed refilling.

In the end, only a few items needed to be disposed of or donated as the jars allowed for multiples of items such as flour to be consolidated in one jar. The personalised boxes grouped similar items together and slotted sweetly side by side. Hanging baskets made the most of tall cupboards and held some odd bits that were awkward to store such as stock pods and crisp bags.

The final result surprised even me! Acres of space were left with ample room to view items and store unopened pasta behind. Clear labels and categorised condiments meant that not only Liz but anyone who used the kitchen would know exactly where to find what they needed.

It was now time for the Harris family to enjoy their newly resorted kitchen. As they gathered together, each relishing the smells of the nearly ready roast, Biff the cat’s nose twitching and sniffing the air hopefully, the sense of the space as the heart of the home was tangible.

Buon appetito!

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