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Hello and welcome to Hampshire Home Trends. A family run business based in Hampshire, in the beautiful south of England. Only established in July 2020 and selling since October of that year, we are delighted with our progress so far and the potential it has.
For many years now, Evita, MD and the creator of HHT, had a dream of building her own business from the ground up. Using over a decade of experience as a buyer for many retailers, including strategic purchasing from around the globe, she identified a hole in the market. To create storage solutions for the kitchen, pantry and all around the house. Not only that, but to personalise those items to anything that the customer desires. Our products are painstakingly selected from responsible suppliers that offer high quality and value for money. There is no compromise on this. All products offered must be pretty, classy and a real feature to your home, turning dull corners in to talking points and fun treat stations for all the family. We have noticed that a lot of purchases are for presents and we appreciate their importance. Relationships have been forged with all suppliers to ensure they will go the extra mile to ensure we can supply our customers as quickly as possible.
The personalisation of all products is an exciting angle on our market. Others sell storage and organisation, some sell labels (that you can place on the product yourself.) Hampshire Home Trends combine both for a hassle free, root to branch, single press of a button purchase.
This presents a long conveyor belt for us, as there are so many stages to this. We buy the product, we individually design the label using a professional digital platform and scoring machine. We then have to ‘weed’ the excess vinyl from the label, ensuring no damage occurs. Then we have to secure the vinyl to the jar, being very careful of accuracy and consistency (there are no second chances with this part!) We then have to package your goods so well, using bubble wrap, craft paper and double walled cardboard boxes, after all, we are despatching one of the world’s most delicate materials!
One other element, and something she insisted was one of our unique selling points, was a quick turnaround from order to creation to delivery. Some competitors can have a 2-to-4-week delivery wait, whereas Evita wanted a 5-to-7-day turnaround. This was ambitious and something our market hadn’t seen before. However, once you have a tried and tested process and system in place, it becomes second nature. It puts a lot of pressure on our team, combining speed with accuracy, but it’s a customer pleaser, especially for last minute presents and rapid requirements for house moves etc. We have also secured the services of a professional courier company to try to guarantee this quick delivery we insist on.
We started from home, as many do. Living around boxes and working until midnight most evenings as well as holding down full-time jobs was a challenge in the early days and still happens now! When we grew to a point when working from home was impractical, we needed a storage unit for our stock, and then taking the plunge of leasing an office to work from. All the family helped, children, friends, anyone who was willing to chip in. We now have 7 part time staff, as well as ourselves and are now in a privileged position where we all now know each other’s’ roles and can jump in to each other’s seats to cover where necessary.
Sustainability is very important to us. We re-use a lot of the packaging that is delivered to us, as much as 50%, and always take the sourcing of products, and the environmental responsibilities of our suppliers, into consideration. Eco-friendly is the way forward for us at HHT and vow to continue this.
So, who are we? Evita is the Managing Director and the driving force and inspiration behind everything. Still working full-time as a strategic buyer for a global catering company, she ensures all processes are as perfect as can be. Originally from the Philippines, she moved to the UK aged 17 with her family, as her Mum worked for the NHS. After working for Poundstretcher, Robert Dyas, and Tesco, her experience of negotiation, sourcing efficiently and responsibly, and deadlines is irreplaceable. Hampshire Home Trends wouldn’t be here without her!

Phill is originally from Blackpool, Lancashire, and moved to Hampshire in 1992 to join the British Army. After 8 years’ service, he then set up his own recruitment business, specialising in drivers and logistics. After selling this, he became a transport manager for a food distribution company, supplying to 5-star hotels and restaurants across the UK and many in Central London. At its’ height, he was managing 70+ drivers and LGV vehicles over two sites, Farnborough and Manchester. He then re-entered recruitment 3 years ago and still works full-time for the UK’s largest agency. He doubles this up with being the Operations Director for HHT, ensuring the final elements of despatch and accuracy are completed. As well as being a very patient and calm support to Evita’s leadership!
Caitlin, Sam, Nancy, Aisha, Amelia and Izzie fulfil the part time roles, working on all the processes explained above with enthusiasm and dedication.
Even Evita’s daughter Chloe (10) and Phill’s children, Izzie (above) 17 and Tilly (11) are vital in their support and work for us, sometimes brainstorming ideas over dinner and working weekends with us. It’s a real family effort!
We have so far been lucky in collaborating with many household names, that are delighted to showcase what we offer. Huge Youtubers are already on board and we’re even going to take part in supplying to one of the most popular shows on Netflix!
Customer service is an obsession of ours. We have one staff member solely dedicated to replying ASAP and will not rest until a customer is happy. Such enormous positive feedback so far, means we must be doing something right! If ANY customer wants to discuss a recently purchased product, or needs help in choosing, we will be there for them.
So thank you for reading, it’s always easier to do business with a company when you know the personalities behind it and the journey they have taken to get to the point they are at. We are very ambitious and have some dreams of where this may take us. Only hard work and care will get us there and we thank you for being part of this so far.

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  • Derek Rowley on

    Congratulations Phil. Sounds like you have given up playing golf and watching football now, but then you have never been scared of hard work. Good Luck for the future.

  • Richard Chivers on

    Well done guys!
    Best of luck with this!
    Maybe an NZ branch sometime in the future! 😁

  • Matthew Hunter on

    Congratulations guys, their is no doubt that you have put your hearts and soul into making this a success! Just remember to have fun!

  • Susan Adzakey on

    What a huge achievement. Well done

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